How does a marketing attribution agency develop a brand identity that blends the fun nature of its culture with detail, professionalism, and trust?





The Nubis brand reflects a lively and informal agency with a diverse set of skills.

We designed an identity that used components to represent the ‘N’, while forming part of a broader design system. These shapes in the system reflect the range of skills within the agency that make something bigger when brought together.

Their versatility is used to create a variety of pixel grams which show how adaptable Nubis is to client needs, and how the mix can create new unique, exciting things. Nubis: The Performance Agency.

Nubis homepage displayed on a tablet
Nubis webpages displayed on mobile phone screens

People buy from brands whose values and beliefs they share. This means it's even more important to showcase our values through brand imagery to make a lasting impression!

This wasn’t just a new visual identity for Nubis, but for a whole brand family. Also falling under the umbrella were Nubis Academy and Odyssey: A Nubis Innovation.

To reflect and distinguish between the different attributes and core offerings of each member of the Nubis family, the choice of colour palettes and the use of shapes and blocks varied across the three. This allowed each brand to stand proud as an individual, while still retaining its connection to the wider family.

Nubis branding displayed on a carrier bag and notebook
Web pages from the Nubis website displayed on several tablet screens

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