As a purveyor of meticulously crafted, hand-built cameras, Leica needed communications as sophisticated as their products.



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One of the most wonderful things about owning a Leica is that the camera is as inspiring as the image you’re capturing.

Smartphone cameras are no match for a meticulously crafted, hand-built camera like Leica offers. We needed people not only to understand the difference, but emotionally connect with the brand and its products.

Our multi-platform approach emotionally connected with our audience, opening their eyes up to the unbridled joy an authentic photography experience can bring.


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360 Facebook Canvas created for the brand


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Leica photo camera on a table
Person looking at a Leica visual on his phone

We brought viewers into Leica’s world through immersive digital storytelling and rich in-platform experiences.

Brand ambassadors and stylish portraits featuring the new CL and TL2 cameras gave integrity to the Leica X Me campaign. Assigning photographers’ personalities to the lenses in the range also humanised the products. Short-form video content featuring respected professionals discussing the products in expert detail allowed us to show off the features.

Our Facebook canvas –a first for Leica –included behind-the-scenes video clips, technical information, and insights from our photographers. Across media, the campaign brought Leica’s brand to life in forensic detail and completed a comprehensive go-to-market strategy.

Phone screen showing the DISCOVER THE LEICA CL visual work

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