When you’re one of the fastest-growing software companies in history, how do you keep hold of the thing that makes you stand out from the crowd?





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A campaign for sustained commercial impact and a renewed sense of brand purpose.

After investment from Cisco, AppDynamics saw its application performance proposition fly. They came to us at a critical time: with one eye on their success and one eye on the competition rapidly crowding around them.

Their next campaign would need to kickstart a new growth phase, even bigger and better than the last. It would also need to keep them true to the brand differentiators that won the customer's hearts and minds in the first place.






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We went straight to the core of AppDynamics’ customer base: technologists.

We designed Agents of Transformation to support multi-year brand activity. It allows AppDynamics to add fresh elements and keep pace with evolving customer priorities.

Inspired by AppDynamics' dedication to its brand followers, this campaign remains as relevant today as it was at launch. A truly customer-first campaign with legs and longevity in a rapidly moving sector.

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“The Agents of Transformation campaign represents the WHY for AppDynamics. It brings to life our company purpose and speaks to how we help digitally transform businesses and supercharge careers of the individuals who bet on us."

Thomas Wyatt

Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer



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