Get ready for the main event

Large or small, events have the power to catapult simple ideas into unforgettable experiences. But finding the sweet spot needs a bit of Fierce Thinking.

Hear at The Croc that's precisely what we do.

From initial strategy to final delivery - and everything in between - we have the people, expertise, and vision to make your in-person, virtual, or hybrid events unmissable.

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Immersive events that deliver exceptional audience experiences

Your perfect blend of strategy, content, technology, and data.

Whatever the specific needs of your event, our knowledge and expertise will help you achieve the perfect balance of content and interaction for greater engagement.

We specialise in virtual events and hybrid events for when it’s necessary to bring the best of both worlds together. Events can be designed to make use of your existing platforms, or we can run them through our own digital event platform – Podium.

Here's how we do it:

  1. 01

    Events planned with a strategic focus.

    With experience working with global leaders across many industries, we can cut through the noise to get to the points that matter. We sweat the small stuff through a robust research and planning phase when creating events.

  2. 02

    Content that talks your language. And theirs.

    The most effective events are those that offer true insight, and the opportunity to explore those insights. We invest time understanding the best way to deliver event content and experiences, creating environments that align with the audience.

  3. 03

    Seamless planning, execution, and delivery.

    We know how crucial it is to be confident in the partner delivering an experience with your name on it. We’re proud to be trusted by some of the biggest organisations in the world to design, plan, and deliver their events in the best possible way.

  4. 04

    Better data, better events.

    We know the importance of the real-time data, so we treat data with the care it deserves. We provide you with the reporting tools to get the most out of your event experience and provide real-time results.

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Meet the team

Whatever your ambitions, our Fierce Thinkers are on hand to give your event some added bite.

Cat Boyle image

Catriona Boyle

Head of Events

Sarah Townsend

Sarah Townsend

Head of Digital

Matt Garisch

Matt Garisch

Head of Customer Engagement

Holly Cuthbert

Holly Cuthbert

Event Manager

Alice Tomlins

Alice Tomlins

Digital Project Manager

Conrad Welch

Conrad Welch

Associate Creative Director


Andrew Robertson

Senior Copywriter


Gareth Hogan

Senior Digital Developer

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Experience our work

See how we bring events to life in new ways, captivating global audiences through experiences that deliver lasting impact.

  • Milliman

    Providing change through a virtual experience

    1. 3 days

      of live and interactive sessions

    2. 1,773

      registrations for the live event

    3. 300+

      questions submitted to speakers

  • Omnipresent

    Launching an annual awards series virtually

    1. 6

      live events and award categories

    2. 550+

      registrations for the series

    3. 27

      guest speakers

  • IDF - The IDF Summit 2021

    Uniting the public and private sectors to combat risk

    1. 90

      countries represented by attendees

    2. 1000+

      registrations across two days

    3. 64

      guest speakers

  • UK BioBank - Scientific Conference 2020 & 2021

    Enabling scientific discoveries that improve human health

    1. 3000+

      unique registrations

    2. 200

      questions asked by attendees

  • IDF - COP26 Partnership

    From Glasgow to the world

    1. 420


    2. 20

      speakers (in-person and online)

    3. 57

      in-person attendees

  • SQLBits - The Greatest Data show

    The Greatest Data Show

    1. 3,000


    2. 5

      full days of content

    3. 192


Our Podium clients include: