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We work with a range of creators across different Industries.

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We work with creators across a variety of channels, industries and objectives.
  • Leica

    As a purveyor of meticulously crafted, hand-build cameras, Leica needed communications as sophisticated as their products. We partnered with carefully selected creators to showcase the difference a great camera can make in a way that felt authentic and artistic. This content was then deployed in a multichannel strategy across a variety of formats including an immersive Facebook experience.

  • Sohonet

    Sohonet is the world’s largest private fibre network for film, TV and advertising. We created a multi-channel strategy to position their ClearView product as the solution that can truly bring a Director’s vision to life. A core element of this was showing the product in action but rather than another boring demo video, we partnered with a Youtube creator and allowed them to show off the product in their own unique way.

  • ABAX

    To connect with a no-nonsense audience and builders and construction workers, we needed a campaign that went far beyond the dry functional approach of competitors. By delivering bite-size content on TikTok, LinkedIn and Instagram co-created with a creator that understood and resonated with our audience, our cut-through campaign achieved 10m views and over 150,000 click throughs.

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