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EMC: Next Generation Backup and Recovery

Brand: EMC
Campaign: Next Generation Backup and Recovery
Service: Campaigns, Channel, Digital, Strategy

The Next Generation Backup and Recovery marketing campaign for EMC is a global strategy designed to integrate and synchronise all areas of communications including emc.com, collateral, events, email, direct mail, AR/PR, and social media.

The Crocodile has led the creative with a ‘Blockbuster’ solution, visualised through a movie poster theme to depict the challenges faced by potential customers and the ‘epic’ solutions provided by EMC Next Generation Backup and Recovery.

The campaign is a currently rolling out through US, EMEA and Apacs territories, both direct and through the partner channel.

Backup to the Future Microsite
Nightmare from the Tape Vault Microsite
Nightmare Tape email
EMC Blockbuster Posters
EMC Blockbuster Postcards
EMC Blockbuster - Poster with tube
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