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We like to make things simple, so check out our bite-sized guides on the condition and future of B2B marketing. Download the free guides and let us know what you think. We are always exploring new trends and issues so let us know any topics you’d be interested in.

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At The Crocodile, we recognise that the best B2B marketing strategies no longer stop at the door of the sales department. We think marketing works best when it shares the commercial objectives of the business – and can make a measurable contribution.

If the starting point for any marketing activity is the simple question: How many sales do we need for business success? then the role of marketing – and your marketing agency – becomes clear and unambiguous: nothing less than 100% of activity should be directed towards the bottom line objective.
Lead scoring is a system for assessing a lead in terms of the prospect’s level of interest and readiness to buy. Based on a pre-determined set of criteria, agreed by both sales and marketing, leads are ranked according to their position in the buying cycle.

By prioritising your leads you can ensure that your sales funnel is constantly optimised, thereby avoiding missed opportunities and premature sales engagement.
With day-to-day pressures it is easy to forget that just because we want to sell now doesn’t mean everyone wants to buy now. Marketing accepts that there are buying cycles yet many campaigns ignore them, choosing instead to use bang or bust strategies.

Re-connecting marketing with sales is rarely a straightforward business. The first step for marketing is having the ambition to take shared accountability for sales objectives, creating a more rewarding environment for both sales and marketing.
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