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Is augmented reality coming of age?

Having been underwhelmed by the Becks Green Box art meets augmented reality project, and their not very impressive, hard to activate flying slosh of water above the box in Hoxton Square (I am assured some others were really good), news of a new augmented reality platform sounded pretty lame.

Now, take what I say next with a pinch of salt, but when I tried a String AR graphic, it was great. Free App. Downloads and works first time. Trigger worked on the screen and the current showcase shows a range of pretty cool uses. What String appears to be doing is aiming to become the defacto AR platform for commercial and campaign usage. To drive awareness with its distinctive rectangular graphic that can go on posters, billboards, business cards etc and become recognised as an AR trigger.

What I hope will come from this is a chance for some clever people to turn their efforts from creating AR, to using this platform to do something really new and exciting.

Watch this space.

Putting a stop to social media

With the aftermath of this week’s riots still fresh in our minds communities are searching for answers. The rapid and nationwide spread of these riots is what has prompted greatest interest as politicians search for answers as to the how and why.

In a statement to the House of Commons yesterday, Cameron said the Government was “working with police, intelligence services and industry to look at whether it would be right to stop people communicating via social networks if they know they are plotting violence, disorder and criminality”.

Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that perhaps the range and speed at which these incidents occurred could be blamed on the ease of communication but is prohibiting the use of social media sites during times of unrest really the answer?

Social media has a huge impact on the way we communicate. News is travelling faster. Maybe this isn’t a question of putting a stop to it but merely a need to adapt.

Should we not instead be looking at the positive use of social media during these riots? There was a huge outcry against this mob culture on my Twitter and Facebook feeds. It gave people a means to warn of areas under attack as well as pass of messages of support. Not only that, these open networks allow people to communicate in order to rise up against wrongdoing. We must not forget that the clean up volunteers and the sharing of pictures of wanted looters and rioters have gained a rapid and wide reach with the help of social media, speeding up the identification and arrest process.

For David Cameron to allow such a small minority of people to ruin a useful and, for many, essential tool of communication would be a huge dent to our human rights. After all where would it stop? Would social media be switched off during genuine political protests to stop the spread? Unfortunately when it comes to social media you have to take the rough with the smooth.

For many people who use social media to communicate daily it seems like David Cameron’s comments are simply a knee-jerk reaction to the somewhat unexplained events of the last few days. In the days to come I am sure that social media will play a huge part in finding out who these people are and may even provide the evidence needed to convict them.

Photo credit: hibbard

B2B Marketing Awards 2011

The prestigious B2B Marketing Awards are the benchmark of excellence in our field. 2010 saw The Crocodile scoop one winner and one runner up award, and this year The Crocodile are incredibly proud to be finalists for an amazing five awards.

Best Integrated Campaign
CSC Cloud Blueprint Campaign

Most Commercially Successful
CSC Cloud Blueprint Campaign
Solidworks EPDM Campaign

Best use of Direct Mail
Solidworks EPDM Campaign

Best International Campaign
EMC Unified Storage VNXe

As an agency that prides itself on influencing buying behaviour and generating qualified leads, having two separate campaigns shortlisted in the Most Commercially Successful category is a huge achievement and testament to the importance we place on this.

We are also excited about the new category – Best International Campaign. Many of our clients are looking to run campaigns globally. This obviously effects the creative but with good planning and insight it doesn’t need to neutralise it. A special thanks to the team at EMC, it was worth the late nights.

The winners will be announced at the awards event in November so there’s plenty of time to lose weight to fit into those black tie garments.

To Anne, Mark, Vince, Julie, Jess, Mike, Susan, Craig, Iain – game on!

To view the work just click here

Winning marketing in 2012

With the 2012 Olympics only a year away, businesses have a great opportunity to inject some exciting and relevant fun into their campaigns.

Official Olympic partners are already rolling out campaigns but there are great opportunities for all businesses to benefit in 2012. Tapping into the excitement may be an attractive prospect but how can you ensure your campaign doesn’t end up breaching the stringent rules protecting the Olympic brand?

How to avoid ambushing the brand
Although encouraging marketers to utilise the values and spirit of sporting excellence is a great way to keep marketing relevant and topical, be careful not to overstep the mark.

The logo
The 2012 Olympic logo, Olympic rings and anything similar to either are reserved for Olympic partners only.

The brand colours
Colour combinations of the Olympic rings, the Olympic torch/flame and athletic images are also banned.

Advertising and affiliation
It is prohibited to use any advertising, marketing or sales promos in conjunction with any images, words, sounds, designs and marks of the Olympic brand. Also be aware that it is illegal to endorse, affiliate or claim sponsorship with the games, 2012 Olympics, Team GB or the International Olympic Committee/Olympic movement.

Mottos, word combinations that suggest affiliation with the games, and using various combinations of words surrounding the Olympic brand are all prohibited.

Phew! And there are many more. To ensure you don’t fall at the first hurdle (sorry, it had to be done) here are the Brand Protection guidelines.

A few things you could do…

Be original
Simply plastering the Union Jack over your marketing material and using clichés like ‘Be on the winning team’ will guarantee you get lost. Think differently. The games are about pride, determination and collaboration. Your thinking needs to embody those values.

Be big and bold
The Olympics will show the world that the UK is front-runner for innovation and energy. With an opening ceremony directed by Danny Boyle we can be sure the games will be nothing short of spectacular. Marketing teams should follow suit with campaigns that are adventurous and innovative. Don’t hold back, I am sure Mr Boyle won’t!

Take advantage of the extra footfall
According to an article by MarketingWeek outdoor advertising is set to increase as the Olympics get nearer. Be sure to follow the guidelines set out for advertising to gain the greatest value.

Get excited!
The last London Olympics were held in 1948, so let’s get excited about what they mean to the country, the economy and of course our sense of national pride. The games are a great example of global marketing for the whole country, something marketers can only learn from and engage with. We’re really looking forward to seeing some great campaigns springing up this year, let’s see who comes out on top and who ends up being disqualified. Happy 2012 marketing to all!

Disclaimer: Please note that this post should be used for reference only and should not be used as definitive legal advice.

Image courtesy of The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Ltd.

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