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Recycle your social media

Although social media can be key to your marketing strategy it can be time consuming keeping things up to date, not to mention creating a unified feel between messages.

The increasing importance of a defined strategy is only too clear. A recent study by Forester Research showed that over 90% of B2B buyers are already using social media so the argument for involvement is more than compelling.

Utilising content calendars and allowing the input of employees can help take the pressure of organising and executing your social media, but here are a few other great ways to keep your messaging fresh and consistent:

1) Mix up the comments

Tweets, blogs, newsletters…a veritable banquet of customer insight and interactivity; mixing it up can provide you with tweets to include in your blogs, blogs to include in your newsletters and news to include in your whitepapers.

2) Blogs not working?

If you’re struggling to engage customers on your blog why not talk to them directly? Ask questions on LinkedIn and Facebook or browse what customers are talking about on social networking sites. Once you have established what your customers really want you can tailor your blog accordingly.

3) Put your message everywhere

Your message should be on every appropriate channel. If you’re promoting to an international audience take in to account time zones (there’s no point in tweeting when the majority of your audience is in bed), use translations on videos, and localise your messages where possible.

4) Give as much as you want to get

In order to stand out from the crowd your strategy has to do something others aren’t. Knowledge is both cheap to hand out but priceless to those who need it. Share useful and educational information with your followers. This will not only help amplify your message but also builds trust.

B2B Content Marketing 101

Before we look at the importance of content marketing, let’s first take a look at what it really is. The easiest way to identify content marketing is the creation and delivery of beneficial and helpful content that is relevant to a clearly defined audience.

Why is it so important?

Today, the importance of this type of marketing within the B2B sector is growing. Delivering intelligent information to the buyer in a simple way, without necessarily having an instant sales agenda, provides a platform on which the consumer feels in control. With the Internet becoming a tool to provide advice, information and knowledge potential customers no longer rely on traditional marketing for their facts. Instead buyers are seeking out comparative information quickly and easily.

FACT: 46% of daily online searches are for information on products and services SOURCE: SRI, OCTOBER 2010

A savvy buyer is a happy buyer

The role of content marketing is to make your B2B buyer more savvy, and in doing so create a foundation of trust and leadership for your business within that sector. Transparency allows businesses to become ambassadors for their values and products; building a relationship with potential customers that is collaborative and adds value to the product they intend to buy.

Getting to know you

As the ‘content’ in content marketing suggests, the material delivered needs to be tightly focused and relevant to the right people at the right level in the buying cycle. This means the content produced needs to vary from basic to complex, and then be distributed across the appropriate levels.

The easiest way to ensure that your content is pitched at the right level is by listening to the conversations happening around you, within your social media sphere. By taking the time to get to know your customers pain points, help them with queries and build a two-way relationship, your visitors gain the confidence and freedom to engage at the level that suits them. This in turn gives you essential information as to where the consumer is in the buying cycle.

Foundations for sales

Ultimately the outcome of strong content marketing is sales. Every original piece of content marketing should provide interesting online conversation and a peeked interest in your business, your site and of course your product. By providing the tools potential customers need to make educated decisions you can drive new clients to your business, offering them added value on their journey, and building a solid relationship for a future of sales.

Pecha Kucha

Creative, slick and very cool! Pecha Kucha is a presentation format that works on the basis of 20 images with 20 seconds to explain each image, giving the presenter 6mins 40sec to sell their idea.

Perfect for today’s fast paced society!

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