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Let’s get personal

We all know marketing strategy is changing at breakneck speeds, what was groundbreaking yesterday is old news today. However, there are some strategies that seem to have been slow burners in comparison, yet are just as innovative as many of the marketing tactics around today.

For some time now websites, in particular e-commerce sites, have been using personalisation to ensure the success of their businesses. Amazon, one of the forerunners of this strategy has been honing this technique for over ten years and is now rated as one of the most valuable retailers in the world, so it seems to be working.

Within B2B this strategy has been less widely adopted. However, according to a recent study by TNS Research International 74% of people who interact with brands online prefer the websites to be tailored to their own personal requirements, so is there a place for greater levels of personalisation in the B2B world? And how could it be used to have the highest level of impact?

Exclusive Access

Providing customers with exclusive access to areas of your website can prove to be a valuable tool. A good example is Dell. Dell provides its major customers with ‘Premier Pages’, a secure, customisable procurement and support site designed to ensure a personalised and simplified experience. Through this Dell can create a much more effective relationship with its customers.

Create a Profile

IBM offers frequent visitors to their site the opportunity to create a profile with their personal interests or through telling IBM more about themselves, allowing IBM to deliver relevant information. You can even click a button on various pages, adding that particular page to the ‘Interests’ on your profile, all while you are browsing.

Link up

Trawling through white papers and the vast amount of complex data found on many websites can be hugely frustrating. Simple links to similar topics, comments and information can make the user experience quick and effective.

With B2B throwing up a double set of challenges – reaching the individual and reaching the company – personalisation can provide a bridge to link the two.

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