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Data overload!

During a recent visit to the headquarters of global information giants EMC in Hopkinton, Massachusetts the startling realism of the amount of data created on a daily basis became apparent. Walk in to the foyer and you’ll be greeted by a giant screen counting up the amount of bytes of information generated since the beginning of the year. The rather terrifyingly large number increases at a dramatic rate right before your eyes.

In 2009 3,892,179,868,480,350,000,000 or more simply put 3 sextillion, 892 quintillion, 179 quadrillion, 868 trillion, 480 billion, 350 million was the number of new digital information bits created according to EMC, and it is estimated that throughout 2011 it will be ten times that amount. Surely we can’t continue on at this rate? Where do we draw the line, and who decides what’s useful data and what’s not?

At The Crocodile we work to provide accessible and exciting marketing campaigns to ensure that companies such as EMC get their message of unified storage out to companies in need of strategies to deal with this data explosion.

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