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Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

Has anyone else noticed that the current technology marketplace seems to be looking a bit cloudy? Technology marketing departments have been clambering for some time now to get their Cloud offerings out to market, and Apple’s announcement of the iCloud has brought the conversation to the front of people’s minds once again.

Over the last six months we have seen a vast array of Cloud offerings, all branded in a very similar way; white clouds, fluffy clouds, silver clouds, clouds with wheels, clouds with doors, clouds with blue backgrounds, clouds with no backgrounds, clouds that look like a collection of meatballs and of course Apple’s immaculate, confident and minimalist image of cloud.

The problem here is a simple one, so many Clouds and so many cloud images, are vendors, associated marketing departments and agencies slightly missing the point by relying on a shorthand label that can mean so many things to different people?

Clearly it’s important to firmly plant your flag in the sand in an emerging market but isn’t it about time we stepped away from the cliché of the catch all label and begin assessing the products themselves in relation to the buyers needs.

As bigger budgets fight for ownership of the same space, differentiation is going to be key, especially for smaller players. Both the thinking and the execution will need to go a little further than the creation of a cloud logo.

We’re at the Cloud Computing World Forum today and are looking forward to exploring the Cloud further, and hopefully discovering more to it than it’s white flurry exterior!

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