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KPMG appoints The Crocodile

The Crocodile has been appointed by KPMG in the UK to work as one of their strategic digital suppliers.

We’re very excited about working with KPMG to create compelling, persuasive digital experiences and campaigns to maximise current and future opportunities for them. We’ll be working on a broad digital scope; and it looks like we’re going to be busy.

Bring it on!

Proof of social media’s ROI

Marketing budgets are a constant challenge. Allocating the right amount of money to the right area, as well as being able to justify the overall spend, has never been more important or more challenging. In a down economy businesses are understandably reluctant to increase spending in any area without definitive proof of ROI, let alone invest in new areas like social media.

The rise of the social web and the corresponding changes in buying behaviour have happened concurrently with the economic downtown and the squeeze on marketing budgets. The result is that many businesses, particularly in B2B, have completely overlooked new inbound marketing techniques that offer significant, quantifiable results without the need for a large capital outlay.

The content, conversation and on-going interaction that make up an effective social media strategy create an online experience that keeps customers in your orbit, drive consideration and set you apart from the competition. Sharing interesting, relevant and useful information will hold the attention of your existing customer and help you attract new ones.

Social media is proving to be a powerful source of revenue for Crocodile client Ellisons, delivering an online uplift of 70%. Facebook is now the 3rd biggest referrer to the Ellisons website after Google and Bing. Through running regular competitions and special offers to drive engagement and using a strategy designed to drive traffic Ellisons has achieved:

  • 71% increase in online sales over six months (against a 50% target)
  • 44% increase in the number of customers ordering online
  • Incremental ROI of 1534%
  • 36% increase in website traffic
  • Enhanced customer service
  • New levels of customer insight

As marketing moves away from a quarterly campaigns approach towards a continuous dialogue, social media can help you tune in to what your target market is talking about, nurture prospects through the buying cycle and deliver valuable repeat custom. If you’d like to find out how a social media strategy from The Crocodile can benefit you, contact us here.

The Crocodile wins global Gemalto account

Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, has appointed independent London agency The Crocodile to support its global marketing programme for Near Field Communications (NFC) technology following an international five-way pitch.

With a €2bn turnover, and presence in 43 countries, Gemalto provides enabling technology for mobile devices, payment security, authentication services and e-ticketing. The company is at the forefront of the fast emerging NFC market, building the SIM-based platforms and software that bring together the key players in the cashless revolution: service providers, mobile operators and banks.

The Crocodile will be creating and deploying campaigns aimed initially at mobile operators in Europe and Asia, followed by campaigns targeting service providers in the more advanced NFC markets including the UK, France and Japan.

“We came to Gemalto as an agency with proven credentials in centralised campaign development and local market activation”, explains Adam Wooff, founding partner and managing director of The Crocodile. “The team responded to the brief with a clear vision of how our results-led approach would help Gemalto consolidate its position in existing markets, and gain the traction it needs in emerging NFC territories. It’s a terrifically exciting business sector and we’re really looking forward to working with the Gemalto team.”

Winning design for Olympic tickets

We’re loving these!

It’s great to see the London 2012 Olympic tickets at last. A stunning design that starts to make sense of the whole identity. We haven’t got many tickets here at The Crocodile, we won’t be able to get to work, but we’re getting excited.

Pinterest – UK vs. USA

Pinterest has simply exploded on to the social networking scene. According to research from Compete, unique visitors to increased by 155% in just one month from December 2011 to January 2012. What’s interesting about the meteoric rise of Pinterest are the differences in how countries, genders and businesses are using it.

The infographic below highlights the differences between users in the UK and USA. Interestingly in the USA, Pinterest is focussed on a variety of themes including crafts, gifts and interior design, and the audience is currently 83% female. Compare this to the UK where currently the Pinterest audience is predominately interested in venture capital, blogging resources and SEO/marketing (among others topics) with an audience split of 44% female to 56% male.

Pinterest is more established in the USA and perhaps as its adoption grows in the UK we will see these differences even out, for the time being though it looks as if UK users are tapping in to the platform’s potential for business usage. With the human brain receiving 90% of information from visuals (Source:Saleschase) the potential for B2B marketing strategies is exciting, and with the UK embracing Pinterest as a valid forum for marketing it’s certainly one to consider across future campaigns. What’s clear is that Pinterest shows a great deal of promise and versatility and is the new rising star in social media.

Mimecast appoint The Crocodile

Mimecast, market leader in unified email management in the cloud – and one of the top ten fastest growing technology companies in the UK  – has appointed independent London agency The Crocodile to a wide ranging marketing account.

Key tasks for the agency will be to work directly with the Mimecast marketing team to deliver integrated lead generation campaigns and support an automated nurturing programme.

Standout creative was the key factor in a three-way pitch, with The Crocodile’s ‘Think EaaSy with Mimecast’ proposition providing the ideal messaging platform for Mimecast’s Email-as-a-Service offer.

Says Adam Wooff, managing director at The Crocodile: “We’re delighted to be working with the Mimecast team. It’s great that they saw how a strong but simple creative idea had the potential to drive results for them. The Crocodile is well placed to help Mimecast continue on its rapid growth trajectory, delivering new prospects, creating marketing assets that motivate partners and ensuring global brand consistency.”

Gavin Bisdee, Marketing Director at Mimecast, commented: “Mimecast is seeing rapid expansion, recently surpassing 5,000 customers and a million users worldwide. We attribute our significant growth to our unique email management platform and the ongoing shift from on-premise to cloud-based email systems. The Crocodile met our criteria for a dynamic agency we could work with to further strengthen Mimecast’s position as the leading supplier of cloud-based email archiving, continuity and security for Microsoft Exchange and Office 365.”

New Timeline will make brands work harder on Facebook

New Facebook Timeline is a force for good and a chance for B2B brands to shine. B2B can do branding every bit as well as B2C, and the new Timeline format is all about branding and brands having to work harder to stay relevant.

Facebook pages will automatically switch to the new Timeline layout on 30 March. Here’s a summary of the changes and what they mean for business pages.

Cover photo
You now have an opportunity to showcase one large image on your company Facebook page. The image must be a minimum of 399 pixels across and the maximum dimensions are 850 by 315 pixels. You can’t include any calls to action and you can’t tell people to ‘Like’ or share your page. You can’t feature any contact information.

Profile image
The size of the profile picture has been changed to 180 by 180 pixels and appears in the news feed as a 30 by 30 pixels picture.

Highlighted post
You can now highlight an important story or event on your Facebook page so that it expands to run across the whole Timeline.

Pinned posts
You can now ‘pin’ stories to the top of your Timeline for up to a week so you have more control over what content visitors to your page see first.

This is a new feature that lets you tell your brand’s story. See how Starbucks has done it here by clicking the bottom of their Timeline to reveal a picture of their first store opened in 1971. Who knew Starbucks was that old?

One of the biggest changes affecting company pages is removal of the default landing tab option, which mean new visitors to your page will always arrive on your wall first. Applications, welcome tabs, contact forms, competition etc. are all still available and can be showcased in a new position top right beneath the cover image. New app buttons are customisable and the dimensions for these are 111 by 74 pixels.

Facebook offers
This functionality is due to be rolled out soon with easy ways to share offers. As Facebook has the user’s email address they are able to email offers to whoever claims them.

Analytics and messaging
You now access Facebook analytics, or ‘Insights’ as they are called these days, by clicking on the Admin Panel top right. You can now see Insight information about any page using the new Timeline format. Plus pages now have the ability to receive messages from fans, which means some of those customer services conversations (complaints?) can move off your wall. This is similar to the DM feature in Twitter and is a welcome new feature for brands. To protect users from unsolicited contact, conversations can only be initiated by your Facebook fans.

This covers everything you need to know to make the transition to new Facebook Timeline and start driving more web traffic and better search performance. Bear in mind however that not everyone in your marketing team is gong to be a Facebook expert. There may be 30 million users in the UK but they are not all expert users.

Like many businesses you may decide to outsource all or part of your Facebook marketing. If you’d like to talk to someone about anything from competition pages, apps, welcome canvases or fully outsourced Facebook account management, call us.

Photo: Mark Zuckerberg introducing Timeline at F8
(Credit: Facebook)

Google’s new privacy rules

Google’s new privacy rules roll out today. The main purpose of the change is to allow sharing of information across Google’s services in order to allow targeted advertising based on users’ behaviour across Google properties.

It’s causing quite a stink, with France’s data regulators in particular warning that the privacy rules may breach European law. Google have decided to press ahead and see what happens. It’s more than likely that after some initial mutterings the new rules will be adopted without much fuss.

When new ways of using data evolve, it’s important to have regulation and opposition to ensure the commercial desires of businesses are balanced against our rights to privacy. It seems though that we’re becoming more relaxed. Opt-ins to Facebook apps have a level of ambiguity that would have been unacceptable until very recently, but resistance is relatively low.

I’m reasonably comfortable with the idea that Google can share information about my behaviour across its services. After all they are Google’s services, and I’m choosing to use them. I’m happy to be shown more relevant advertising in return for free use of some pretty amazing stuff. Remember life before search? In fact, I wish Flickr would find a clever way to exploit my data, rather than charging me $24 a year.

Beyond the advertising benefit to Google, greater freedom with use of data will spark possibilities for whole new products, some of which will turn out to be very useful and popular. I’m very happy someone’s keeping an eye on service providers to protect my rights. But every so often boundaries must be nudged if they’re to bring us the next, more useful, more immediate and more intelligent product.

The Crocodile wins delicious. magazine online account

The Crocodile has been awarded a wide ranging online marketing account for delicious. magazine following a three-way pitch.

The agency will be working directly with the editorial team to plan and deliver online content to the magazine’s 420,000 monthly website visitors, improve the overall user experience and develop social channels to increase unique users and page impressions. The account also includes a brief to engage with the delicious. commercial team to create new opportunities for advertisers, online and on mobile devices.

Says Adam Wooff, managing director at The Crocodile: “We’re delighted to be working with the editorial and ad teams at delicious. magazine. Through our integrated, results-led approach, The Crocodile is well placed to help delicious. maximise the reach of its exceptional content, build the readership and find innovative ways to attract advertising revenue.”

Becca Bailey, promotions and web manager at delicious. magazine, commented: “With over a million page impressions a month, 27,000 followers on Twitter and over 5,400 Facebook ‘likes’, we have an excellent base from which to launch a more active programme to grow our readership and revenue. The Crocodile met our criteria for a dynamic agency we could work with creatively and to help us to reach our commercial goals.”

Discover delicious. online, on Twitter and on Facebook

The Crocodile wins global EMC account

EMC Corporation, the world’s leading information management company, has appointed independent London agency The Crocodile to lead global campaign development in IT Transformation and Big Data, following an international five-way pitch.

The Crocodile has been an EMC roster agency for some years, participating in project-based campaigns at global, EMEA and UK level. The pitch, which took place in late December, has coincided with the creation by EMC of a new internal campaign team with a brief to drive EMC growth in the rapidly developing ‘IT as a service’ market. The win hands The Crocodile a key strategic agency role working alongside campaign teams in Boston and London.

EMC’s pitch brief required a fully integrated results-based approach using digital, social, email and direct mail to drive leads through to sales qualification via an internal CRM platform. Additionally, participating agencies were required to demonstrate clear understanding and experience of the global technology market and the dynamics of both direct and indirect sales channels.

“Working with EMC plays to our core strengths as an agency,” explains Adam Wooff, founding partner and managing director of The Crocodile. “We bring informed strategic focus and cut-through creativity to the table, along with a clear perspective on the mix of activities that will genuinely impact the buying behaviour of EMC’s customers and prospects. These days there’s simply no room for tokenistic marketing – anything we do has to prove relevance, tie in to sales activity and make a measurable contribution.”

Chris Blaik, senior director, Global Campaigns at EMC commented, “The Crocodile has a proven track record in not just building world class, award winning campaigns but an ability to truly understand the go-to-market priorities of our business and channel, crucial to driving value in today’s end to end environment”

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