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The surprising role of technology and data in creativity

I was intrigued recently to come across an idea that has been used by an English school in Brazil that asked children what they wanted to be when they grew up.

They took the responses and created photo business cards for the children. The result – more kids had a clearer focus of their aspirations and their parents were more enthusiastic about them learning English and signed them up at the English school.

Applying a creative approach to the information available, and making it personal, made all the difference.

With all the different ways marketers can collect and use data these days – it’s when we team it with clever creative thinking that we see the most effective results.

You should never overlook genuine creativity if you want to truly capture your audiences’ attention. Here are two ideas I’ve seen done recently that have managed to surprise, and achieved results.

Intel made it personal brilliantly with their museum of me. What a thrill to walk through your own gallery that is simply all about you. With your permission, they collect all your photos, friends and information from your Facebook account and turn it into your very own personal gallery. Then they take you on a 3D journey through your gallery room by room. All your pictures and thoughts are used to take you on a compelling journey of your life.

(Take a look)

With a more down to earth approach, KLM caught our attention recently delighting passengers with little acts of kindness to brighten a traveller’s day. Using Twitter and Foursquare the team were able to find passengers travelling with KLM, and from their public profiles they could find out a little bit about their life to help them choose an appropriate personal (carry-on sized) gift to brighten up their day. Like an apron for the passenger on route to a food blogging conference, a Spanish dictionary for the traveller on his way to Spain, or the Dutch souvenirs for the couple going back to Singapore. This creative way to reach audiences proved a real smile is better than a virtual smiley icon….oh, and it generated 1,000,000 Twitter impressions!

There may not be much that feels genuinely new these days. But there are certainly new ways of doing things to surprise and delight – it just requires a bit of creative thinking, something we at The Crocodile have a bit of an obsession with!

Is augmented reality coming of age?

Having been underwhelmed by the Becks Green Box art meets augmented reality project, and their not very impressive, hard to activate flying slosh of water above the box in Hoxton Square (I am assured some others were really good), news of a new augmented reality platform sounded pretty lame.

Now, take what I say next with a pinch of salt, but when I tried a String AR graphic, it was great. Free App. Downloads and works first time. Trigger worked on the screen and the current showcase shows a range of pretty cool uses. What String appears to be doing is aiming to become the defacto AR platform for commercial and campaign usage. To drive awareness with its distinctive rectangular graphic that can go on posters, billboards, business cards etc and become recognised as an AR trigger.

What I hope will come from this is a chance for some clever people to turn their efforts from creating AR, to using this platform to do something really new and exciting.

Watch this space.

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